Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Weight

A few pounds less, most of us follow a diet for it. Achieving your ideal weight and then keeping it is far from being easy, I discussed it with Viviane Van Dyck.

22-08-2016 -  by Kevin Van der Straeten

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A few pounds less, most of us follow a diet for it. Achieving your ideal weight and then keeping it is far from being easy, I discussed it with Viviane Van Dyck.


Hi Viviane welcome to our studio.




Getting to your ideal weight and keeping it isn't that easy.       


It's not hard at all. But first you have to understand something.


That is?


That we are all born with a different constitution.


What do you mean by that?


The body we get ... We all have a different body. Some are born with a small and rather broad body and others are born with a very long and rather thin body. And no matter what diet you do you cannot change small and broad body into a long and thin body. First of all you have to acknowledge the body type you have. And then also acknowledge that the ideal weight is not for every body the same weight.


So chasing the same ideals isn't...?


No no it's not realistic. If you have that insight, and if you have that acceptance, I mean that's a big relief. That it would never happen on whatever diet you go on that you will reach a long thin body when you have rather a small and a broad body. I mean ... Yes for me that was a big relief. So I want to share it with the world. Then, when you choose a diet, it should never be a diet with the only focus to making you slim or to making you lose weight. Because some of those diets are not healthy at all.


Like crash diet?


Yes, and they are not sustainable. The diet you choose to make your ideal shape should always have the first focus of giving you energy of feeding you of being a very healthy diet. And then as a side effect, you lose weight or you make the shape you want, but that's rather a side effect of the healthy diet.


How does a diet like that look like?


Oh, it's very very well tasting.






It is possible.


It is absolutely possible, the focus of those diets are most of all plant based and wholesome. They consist of whole grains, beans, seeds, vegetables, local and of the season and sea vegetables. Prepared in the way the season acquires, and it's a very ... It’s a diet that has a lot of variation in it, because every season the vegetables change and every season the way how to prepare your food changes, so it makes you very happy. It is very yum yum, and as a side effect it creates the body that is vibrant, that is healthy, that is good looking, and that has the weight that is suited for the body, not too much and not too little.


Many of the things that you were talking about, rather seems exotic for us.


I know, we forgot how to eat a wholesome plant based diet in this culture. I mean my grandparents, probably their parents or grandparents, they still had a wholesome plant based diet. But in other cultures, and not so far away from us, like in Spain, Portugal, but also when I talk to people from Russia or from Thailand, they still know how to eat a wholesome plant based body. But I mean it's still in their habits, they still grow chickpeas in their gardens for instance. We, we lost that. But we wrote a great book about it, so it's coming back. The hunger and the need and the interest in that kind of diet and that kind of wisdom is returning. And I'm very happy with that, and I'm very happy to help getting that knowledge back into the world.


Okay, let's all try that.


Yes, let’s do it.


Okay, thank you Viviane for coming over to our studio.


Thank you for having me.


You at home thank you for watching our show. I hope to see you next week.