Office Worker? Loosen Up Your Shoulders!

Many people work at the office, at the desk, sitting the whole day and getting problems with their shoulders. Can we do something with Functional Training to prevent that?
25-02-2015 -  by Kevin Van der Straeten

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Many people work at the office, at the desk, sitting the whole day and getting problems with their shoulders. Can we do something to prevent that?


Of course that's a little bit the problem of this society because everyone is working here, with the front, sitting a little bit like that. If you look around you see a lot of people standing, instead of nice and straight. So we have a lot of exercises to correct this and to help you to prevent your injuries or pains or...


Okay, let's try something out.


We're going to start with one. Okay, I brought this one. You can do the same exercise with the tube or with the tube. Something you can pull and it's... Yeah.


What do I do?


The feet hip-width, yes, a little bit down, squeeze the abs. Now you're going to push your shoulders to the back to start the movement with and then you pull your arms. Yes, okay. Yes, but the shoulders have to stay low. Okay, perfect. Low, and your arms they can touch your body. They have to go against your body, yes. Shoulders low, don't push them.


Maybe next one?


Okay, we use the same or the tube, if you have one. This exercise is to work from the neck to the back. At the end actually, the whole part. And we're going to use the tube in different directions. We're going to start; I'm just going to show it, you stay there. You get the tubes, first you go up and you open your arms with your thumbs to the back. Then in the middle, a little bit lower than the shoulders, and then completely down. Every time, shoulders stay low and you pull completely back. Squeeze the abs, in the middle... No, now you do it like this. Okay. Yes. Hup, up. Open the shoulders, open, yes.


Okay, maybe a last exercice.

We need a small weight. At home you can use a bottle of one liter or maybe half a liter. You go on your stomach on the floor. Okay, I give you the weight here in front of you. Now, we're going to work the whole back part of the body. The legs, every part of the body. You're going to lift your legs, lift your shoulders and your arms, and you're going to pass the weight over your back and change hands there. Okay, we do five times this direction and five times the other direction. And think about the breathing. Do you feel the back working? And the shoulders here? Very good.


Okay, so you do this everyday?

You can do them every day, like three series of 20 repetitions and it will work.


Okay, thank you Sofie.

And you at home, thank you for watching our show. I hope to see you next week.