What is Functional Training?

What exactly is functional (power) training? Why are the benefits? And can you throw conventional power training overboard? Personal coach Sofie Renier provides the answer.

22-10-2014 -  by Kevin Van der Straeten

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Hi Sofie, what is functional (power) training?


Functional training is a training where movements or exercises in the training are linked to movements that you're used to do in your life during the day, or in your sports. In particular sports.


And why should you train in that way? 


Because in the movements you do every day, or in a particular sport training, you don't use just one muscle. You use, you work in muscle chains. And in functional training the exercises are also in chains. 


So you do a certain exercise and then train the whole chain...


Yeah, for instance we train the back chain of the muscles. So it means we train the whole backside of the body in one movement which is linked to the movement of the particular sports. 


But does that mean we can throw away the classical power training?


No, no, certainly not, because if your goal is to just look nicer, to have a more defined biceps or chest which is more defined, then we still use the classical training. 


So it can be a combination of both?


It can be combined perfectly.