Yoga: Warriors

Today we will be practicing a Yoga Warrior Sequence. Do you join us? Learn more about Yoga in our Yoga introductory video.
30-12-2014 -  by Kevin Van der Straeten

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We will practice a warrior sequence now. So, take a big step back with the left leg. Yeah. The feet are approximately one legs length apart. The back foot is slightly turned inwards, 45 degrees some say. Then the front knee 90 degrees. Yes, the knee is straight above the ankle. The hips are parallel to the front of the matt, more or less. Reach the arms up, hands touching. Yes. So, the outside of the back foot is firmly planted onto the matt. Engage the back leg, engage the front leg. Feel the connection with the floor. Reach the arms high up, but relax shoulders. Yes. Perfect. Relax the toes. Now, open up to warrior two, so the arm is parallel to the ground. Look across. The spine is perpendicular to the floor, so... slightly back, yes. Lift that arm a little bit. Hands, elbows, shoulders, all on the same height. Relax shoulders and look across the fingers of the right hand. Very nice. We'll go into triangle pose now, so start straightening the front leg. The left hand in the hip. Exhale. On inhale reach over the straightened front leg, and exhale come all the way down. Grab hold of the shin or the ankle. Inhale, lengthen the spine, and exhale open up the heart toward the sky. Reach the left arm up, and if it's okay for the neck, look up at the left hand. Every inhale lengthen the spine, and every exhale turn open toward the sky. Keep grounding through the legs and the feet. Relax the toes. Very nice. To come out, exhale look down, inhale come back up. Exhale bend the front knee, inhale step to the front of the matt, and exhale hands to the heart.