Too Hot to Sleep? Here's What You can Do

Too Hot to Sleep? Here's What You can Do

Having trouble sleeping because it's way too hot? Join the club. Hours upon hours of tossing and turning while sweating profusely, can hardly be called relaxing. Here are ten useful tips to cool your room and yourself down. For those without the luxury of an air conditioner, of course.

Sheets of satin or silk might be very romantic, they are not exactly breathable. Just like synthetic fabrics they are not made to let through air. Cotton does this, however, so go out and find a light variety in a light colour so that your body will actually feel that little bit of airflow in the room.

Put your sheets in the fridge a few minutes (or in the freezer for the bolder folks at home) before you go to bed. Admittedly, they won't stay cool all night, but at least your bed won't be warm when you get in. However, we do advise you to put the sheets in a plastic bag before you put them in the fridge or freezer, so that they won't be soaking wet or smell like pizza.

If you have a hot water bottle bag somewhere, you can fill it with water and then put it in the fridge or freezer. This will ensure a fresh feeling all night long.

Tactically place your fan, otherwise you'll just circulate hot air. However, if you put it by the side of an open window, it will blow the cooler outdoor air through the room. If you don't have a fan, then hang a moist sheet in front of the open window. Then, the air that enters will be very refreshing.

If you put a cold compress, made of for instance a washcloth with a few ice cubes in it, on your body, it will quickly cool you down. Put them on strategic places on your wrists and neck.

Heat rises, so it is important to lay at the lowest possible point. In other words: drag your mattress to the ground floor. Those who have no fear of mosquitoes can even cool down in the garden. And our apologies to our more romantically inclined readers, but sleeping by yourself is a lot cooler.

Summertime means drinking outdoors, but you had best keep the number of alcoholic beverages low during warm weather. Alcohol increases your body temperature and dehydrates you, which does not improve your sleep at all. Therefore, drink a glass of water before you go to bed, to minimise dehydration (by sweating, amongst other things.

Take a shower before you go to sleep, to cool down. Attention: don't take showers too hot, but neither should you take them too cold. If you do either of those, your body will heat up.

Turn off all electronics and disconnect as many electrical devices as you can. Those devices will generate a little heat, even in power saving mode.

Put a bowl of ice water next to your bed. Is the heat getting too much? Then put your feet in the water to quickly reduce your body temperature. Be mindful that you don't knock it over, though!

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