Diet Soda Makes You Fat, 3 Alternatives for Light and Zero Addicts

Diet Soda Makes You Fat, 3 Alternatives for Light and Zero Addicts

Sugar-free drinks and diet soda don't help you lose weight. On the contrary, they can even make you fatter. This was shown in research by the Imperial College London. "Those who wish to lose weight, had better drink water", is the unsurprising conclusion by the scientists. For everyone who thinks water has a boring taste, we give 2 alternatives.


For thirty years, scientists of the Imperial College London have collected data about the intake of 'healthy' drinks, but they did not find a single shred of evidence that these stimulated weight loss, that they help prevent diabetes or that they help keep the Body Mass Index (BMI) in check.


Although artificially sweetened drinks contain less calories, it turns out that they still activate the sugar receptors in the brain, causing people to crave food. "Furthermore, people have the perception that these diet drinks are healthier, which could result in overuse. Those who wish to lose weight, had better drink water," the scientists conclude.


"But water has such a boring taste", you could say. But this can be easily solved by adding a few (healthy) things to the mix. Before you know it, you're rid of your light and zero addiction!

  • Fruit infused water
    In other words: water, to which you add fruit and sometimes even vegetables. By giving your drink such an infusion, you will instantly get a delicious and surprising flavour.
  • Home-made iced tea
    'Home-made iced tea' is often on the menu of hip coffee joints, but it is very easy to make one of those fresh iced teas yourself. Put a kettle of tea on and let it cool down with ice cubes in the refrigerator. Just as refreshing, stimulating and way healthier than regular iced tea. You can also add lemon or mint, for extra flavour.

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