Running Makes You More Creative

Running Makes You More Creative

Running is not only good for building stamina, it also makes you more creative. "The best ideas come while you're running", says the Flemish advertiser Peter Ampe (50), who wrote a practical booklet about it. "But do it at a slow pace, with the right heart rate, for who exhaust themselves are no longer able to think."


Peter Ampe is creative director at advertising agency DDB Brussels, as well as an experienced runner. "I continuously wanted to improve my personal time", he says. "Until I discovered that when I ran slower and less long, the ideas came to me spontaneously. My mind basically freed itself from my body. Research on the effect of running on the brain is scarce, but an American neurologist confirmed that during the exertion more room is made for creative brain activity. But those who exert themselves too much, will focus too heavily on the physical performance itself, as most athletes do. If you push it too much, you lose the ability to think. Maintaining the right heart rate, that is the key. It doesn't matter whether you jog in the morning, afternoon or evening."


The advertiser realises that there are quite a few other ways of gaining inspiration. "Of course, you can also brainstorm in a cafe, by taking a stroll, or sitting down on a bench in the park", he concludes. "But personally, I would still prefer to jog. It's healthy, you improve your resistance and you even burn a little fat in the process."

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