Google is Wrong every Two out of Three Medical Diagnoses

Google is Wrong every Two out of Three Medical Diagnoses

Despite all the websites and apps that exist nowadays, the doctor is still your best bet to getting a decent diagnose when you feel ill. This was shown by a study of Harvard Medical School. In two-thirds of the cases, these websites and apps even give off a diagnose which is absolutely wrong.


People use the worldwide web for quite a few matters. For instance, people use Google more and more to look for symptoms and diagnoses of diseases. Quite a few websites and apps such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Isabel Symptom Checker smartly use that fact and offer you actual diagnoses, although these quite often turn out to be wrong.


According to a study by Harvard Medical School only 34 per cent of the 23 online diagnose providers give a correct answer, as opposed to 72 per cent of the doctors. "The modern-day symptom checkers are no match for the doctors", says main author Dr. Ateev Mehrotra.


But according to Mehrotra the two parties do not need to exclude each other and might even enhance each other. "Normally doctors are wrong about 10 to 15 per cent of the cases, so if computers could assist them, then the final result might be better", he thinks. The scientists therefore emphasise that just relying on Google when you are sick is not a good decision. 

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