Taking a Cold Shower Every Day Causes You to be Sick Less Often

Taking a Cold Shower Every Day Causes You to be Sick Less Often

Not long ago, we very much liked taking a cold shower, but with the weather changing these days, we prefer taking a hot shower. However, it might not be such a bad idea to completely turn the heat down: after all, a cold shower keeps you healthy.


This was shown by a study by the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, in which over 3,000 people were studied. According to the study, those who take a cold shower every day, are ill less often and less seriously.



Taking cold showers is healthy

Researcher Geert Buijze explains: "Taking cold showers daily is healthy. That applies to the vital group of people we have studied. Apparently, taking cold showers does something to the immune system, but we are yet unsure what it does exactly." With further research, they hope to measure the biological effect of cold showers on brain activity. On people who have been struggling with a severe illness, there are nearly no results, since these were not included in the study.



Less people calling in sick

The study was purposefully executed between January and April last year, because in that winter period, usually relatively more people call in sick. The participants were analysed until ninety days after the experiment. And what turned out? It was not the case that less people got sick, but the duration and the severity of the illnesses were less. This caused the employees to be absent from work less days. In terms of figures: people who take showers call in sick no less than 29 per cent less, regardless of the duration of those cold showers. So turning the shower cold, even for just a moment, does not sound so bad after all!

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