Why Toddlers Should Not Watch Too Much Television

Why Toddlers Should Not Watch Too Much Television

Placing your toddler in front of the TV-screen to finally get some things done can be very practical. But you had better not do it too often. Those who watch too much television, can start showing asocial behaviour when they reach the age of 13, as is shown by a Canadian study of the Montréal university.


Asocial and aggressive behaviour, feeling like a victim and rather being solitary than being in a group, these are the consequences that you can start to show at age 13 if you watched too much television when you were 2,5. Those who still watch too much TV when they’re teenagers, can even worsen these problems.


The explanation is that if you're young, it is important to learn many social and cognitive abilities. Skills such as sharing, showing appreciation and respecting others, are developed quite early on. In order to develop these, you need a lot of interaction with your environment, you need to play a lot and use your creativity. If you watch too much television at an early age, then these skills may be underdeveloped. This results in asocial and isolated behaviour at a later age, according to the study.


The Montréal university based its conclusion on a database with data from 991 girls and 1006 boys, born between 1997 and 1998. Professor Linda Pagani used this data to study how much television the children watched when they were 2,5 and compared it to information about the same children and their social behaviour when they were thirteen.

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