Teenagers are Clumsy, but there is an Explanation for that

Teenagers are Clumsy, but there is an Explanation for that

Do you have a clumsy teenager in your household? Scientists have discovered why one boy can be a lot clumsier than the other.


Italian researchers studied 88 teenagers of age 15. They divided them into two groups: the boys who grew more than three centimetres in 3 months and those who grew just 1 centimetre in that period. They then analysed the participants' motor-skills, as well as their sense of balance, their walking speed and the frequency of their steps. It showed that boys who grew faster, walk more clumsily.


According to the scientists, the explanation is that the brain has difficulties with the changes in the body during a sudden growth spurt. That is why boys walk more clumsily for a while until their brain has adapted. Maria Cristina, a researcher of the university of Bologna, says that a sudden increase in height can affect the motor-skills. "We develop our motor-skills based on the physical dimensions of the body. After a growth spurt, the brains need to re-adapt to the body. During this period, a teenager might have a slightly strange gait. Those who grow more slowly are less bothered by this and move around more quickly."

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