"Obesity Possibly Contagious"

"Obesity Possibly Contagious"

According to a study which was published in the professional journal Nature, obesity is possibly a contagious affliction which is transferred by bacteria.  


A large-scale study of bacteria in the human intestines shows that a third of those bacteria produce spores which can survive in the open air and which can possible cross over from one person to the other.  


According to the scientists involved, many sicknesses and afflictions are caused or worsened by changes in the intestinal flora.  


Ten years ago, employees of the university in Washington already discovered that the implantation of intestinal bacteria from the bodies of overweight mice to slim mice caused a considerable weight increase. A new study now shows that these microbes can also exist outside of the body and that they can be ingested, after which they influence healthy intestinal bacteria and cause diseases.  


This could possibly explain why some illnesses often occur within the same family. The cause is not always genetic. Family members can pass on diseases to one another by intimate contact or via the toilet.

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