What Fast-Food does to Your Brains (and Your Body)

What Fast-Food does to Your Brains (and Your Body)

Sometimes we just ache for it: a juicy burger and some French fries. You already knew that it can adversely affect your body weight. Now scientists also warn about the adverse effects fast-food can have on your head. They claim that it deteriorates your self-control and that it suppresses your healthy nutritional choices.  


Choosing regularly for a hamburger or wolfing down a sweet dessert with lots of calories daily causes you to subconsciously make unhealthy choices. "Those who allow themselves to eat fast-food pay less attention to what they eat afterwards", the Australian study states. For instance, after having had a piece of pie, one would sooner have another extra such as chocolate or candy. According to the researchers, this is caused by a lack of self-control as a result of eating fast-food.  


Moreover, your desire to have a balanced diet is also suppressed and reaching for unhealthy snacks becomes a sort of reflex. "We really have to know what influence fast-food has on our body and brains, since more than 10 percent of the world suffers from obesity", the scientists claim.  


The team also studied the change in the brain of rats. They saw that a change occurred in the orbitofrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is responsible for decision-making. After a certain amount of time, rats also chose unhealthy food more often. Even after following a balanced diet for some time, they kept making 'unwise' decisions.

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