This is How Long it Takes for a Broken Heart to Recover

This is How Long it Takes for a Broken Heart to Recover

The only positive thing about love sickness? You know it will pass. Some day. Although it would help if we could estimate how long we have to cope with that broken heart. Marriage and relationship counsellor Dr. Paul Hokemeyer clarifies matters for us.


There is light at the end of the dark tunnel of love sickness. And that light shines already after 90 days, claims Dr. Paul Hokemeyer. He comes with rational arguments to support the statement that those 3 months should be sufficient to feel good once more.


"Especially after a relationship ends, we immediately experience a 'fight or flight reaction', explains Dr. Hokemeyer, "during which we experience intense anger or numbing depressive emotions. This intense stage lasts until about 90 days after the break-up."


The explanation for this is that it takes 90 days to implement a change in your life and to reset your brain. After 12 weeks that overwhelming hormonal activity will decrease, after which you will start seeing things from a clearer perspective again. "Instead of feeling abandoned, you will come to see that by breaking up, you have avoided more pain in the future, and you will be able to learn valuable things about yourself. Only then can we evaluate how to do things better in the future and decide what we will look for in a future partner."


So there is hope, after just 90 days.

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