A more Fit Body in Just 1 Minute?

A more Fit Body in Just 1 Minute?

Getting a fit body by just 1 minute of intensive exercise? It sounds too good to be true, but Canadian researchers claim that it's possible. They have discovered that with short but intensive workouts of 1 minute, you can improve your stamina.  


According to a team of the McMaster university it is possible to improve your sensitivity to insulin as well as your stamina by instituting series of workouts of 60 seconds, in a total session of 10 minutes. 27 men with a passive lifestyle participated in the study for 12 weeks. Some participants did intensive interval training, while others worked out at a constant pace. There was also a control group of passive men.  


Five times longer

In total, the interval training took 10 minutes and consisted of three sprints of 20 seconds, a warming-up of 2 minutes, a cool-down of 3 minutes and two minutes of cycling at low speed in between the sprints. The second group cycled for 45 minutes at moderate speed. For them, the warming up took 2 minutes, while the cool-down lasted 3 minutes. All participants worked out three times a week. After 12 weeks, the researchers discovered that the two methods led to similar results, even though the second group worked out five times longer.  


Martin Gibala, kinesiology professor at the McMaster university, explains why interval training works so well. "Short, intensive exercises are very efficient. Most people claim that lack of time is their main excuse for not exercising, but an interval training appears to have the same effect as a long work-out session at a constant pace."  


Experts recommend having 150 minutes of exercise per week at a constant pace or having 75 minutes of intensive exercise instead. According this study, it is possible to make do with less. Gibala also states that this method of exercise is easy to fit into your daily routine. "If at lunchtime you run up and down the stairs a few times, this also constitutes working on your health and stamina. The health benefits of interval training are enormous."  


However, we maintain our old routine. Because working out longer is not only good for your stamina, but it also gives you mental resilience.

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