Another Disadvantage of Red Meat has been Discovered

Another Disadvantage of Red Meat has been Discovered

A report from the World Health Organization (WHO), which was published last year, showed that red meat is 'probably' carcinogenic. Now, a new study, led by the university of Glasgow, claims that there is another drawback.


The study says that red meat accelerates the aging process of our body. This was reported in the journal Aging.


A team of scientists, which was connected with the British Institute of Cancer Sciences and the Swedish Karolinska Institutet, collaborated on the study of the university of Glasgow. Based on personal data, the researchers conclude that eating too much red meat and too few vegetables and fruits can increase the biological age of the human body. This effect could lead to health problems.


Put concretely, the consumption of red meat, combined with an unhealthy diet, causes a slight increase in the amount of serum phosphate in the body. This causes your biological age to rise. Especially men from poorer segments of the population are susceptible to this phenomenon. In these men, the researchers discovered a link between a high phosphate-count and deteriorated kidney-functioning.


"The data from this study provided the evidence that there is a link between a high consumption of phosphate and the age-related morbidity related to the socio-economical status", says main researcher Paul Shiels. "Our results show that an increased consumption of red meat has negative consequences for men from a lower social stratus, who often already have a poor diet and who eat less vegetables and fruit than is recommended."

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