What Makes You Lose Weight More? Exercise or Dieting?

What Makes You Lose Weight More? Exercise or Dieting?

Anyone who wishes to lose weight by now knows that it's a case of and-and. Doing exercise and adapting your food habits together give the best results, but what factor has the most influence?  


This video shows the advantages and disadvantages of both options. What would you do? Run for an hour or skip that candy bar?  



According to AsapScience, the effort it takes not to eat that candy bar is a great deal less than the effort it takes to burn off those calories. Dieticians say we can very easily get rid of quite a few calorie-rich foods, such as pizza or the cans of coke we drink weekly, causing the weight loss to become noticeable faster too.  


Furthermore, studies show that dieting provides better results than exercise. A study showed that people in developing countries and the Western world work out approximately just as much, but obesity is much more common in the West. The largest factor in this seems to be the food we take in.  


However, anyone who wishes to lose weigh in the long term, does well to choose a combination of dieting and exercise. Exercise also has many more advantages than just weight loss, it also contributes to your mental health and slows down signs of aging.

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