Happiness Can Come Unexpectedly: Surprising Short Film

Happiness Can Come Unexpectedly: Surprising Short Film

Germany is blown away by a video which convinces its viewers in less than four minutes that happiness can sometimes come unexpectedly. Starring in the main role: a teenager who only has eyes for his videogames until his mother brings him a mysterious gift.


Students of the movie academy Baden-Württemberg in the German city of Ludwigsburg called their own short film a 'declaration of love to life', that focuses mainly on disabled people. It has been internationally acclaimed, winning more than twenty international prizes and nominations.


The movie shows a teenager sitting on the edge of his sofa, playing video games. His mother comes home and puts a cardboard box on the saloon table. The boy is at first annoyed by the box which is blocking his view, but when he opens it, his life drastically changes.


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