A Mirror in Your Dining Room may Help You Lose Weight

A Mirror in Your Dining Room may Help You Lose Weight

Placing a mirror in your dining room may help you eat less junk food. Eating unhealthily in front of a mirror will causes that food to lose its appeal. This was shown by a study of the Cornell University.  


Scientists of the Cornell University gathered 185 students in total for their study. At the start of the experiment, these students were given the choice between two 'dishes': either they chose chocolate cake, or they chose fruit salad. Then, one half of the students ate in a room where there was a mirror present, and the other half ate in a room where they couldn't admire themselves.  


The evaluations of the food showed that the students who ate cake in front of a mirror, disliked the pastry more than those who ate it in a room without a mirror. The students who picked fruit did not notice any difference, despite the differing dining rooms.  


"Taking a look in the mirror does not only tell you something about your physical appearance. It also becomes possible to look at yourself objectively. That way, you can assess yourself and your behaviour, like other people do it", says the study. If you see yourself eating unhealthily, it would create discomfort, due to the social standards that apply in our society.  


Afterwards, a similar study was created, which showed that this phenomenon only arises if you yourself choose the unhealthy food, since this means you are responsible for the food you eat.  


From the results, researchers conclude that placing a mirror might just be the secret to losing weight.

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