The Best Cure for Back Pains (although you won't like it)

The Best Cure for Back Pains (although you won't like it)

Do you often have lower back pains? Then there's only one thing left to do: mainly lots of exercise can ease the pain. It if more effective than support bandages for your back or specialised orthotics, and works as a natural sedative.  


This was shown by a large-scale Australian research. Scientists of the University of Sydney tried to find the best cure for back pain by comparing 21 worldwide studies dedicated to this theme, with more than 30,000 participants in total.  


Exercise as a medicine While support bandages for the back or orthotics did not immediately give results, exercise lowered the risk of back pain by 25 to 40 per cent in the following year. It didn't really matter what kind of exercise: everything from aerobics to fitness turned out to be efficient. "if there was a pill that could reduce the risk of back pain by 30%, then you would undoubtedly see commercials for it every day on television", says Dr. Tim Carey, who wrote a comment to accompany the publication.  


Pilates instead of pills

However, doctors still do not prescribe exercise enough, even though it turns out to be very efficient. More often they offer support bandages for the back, orthotics or pills. "Prescribing inefficient treatments to patients can give them a false sense of safety", Carey adds. "We still don't sufficiently see exercise as a medicine, because we live in a society that is very pill-oriented." If we are to believe Carey's advice, we ought to first go to our Pilates class, before we go to the drug store. Another reason to start with our New Year's resolutions.  


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