They're Not Exaggerating: the Flu Truly Feels Worse for Men

They're Not Exaggerating: the Flu Truly Feels Worse for Men

Men don't (always) exaggerate when they're ill, although women often accuse them of doing so. A new American study shows that influenza can actually feel more serious to men than to women.  


This is because the female hormone oestrogen protects women against the most aggressive symptoms of the virus. This is a protection men don't have.  


According to the American study from the John Hopkins University, the effect of the influenza A-virus - that causes the flu - is different for men than for women. The findings of this study were published in the American Journal of Physiology. Oestrogen for protection  


We get the flue because the influenza A-virus multiplies in our cells, causing us to become sick. The scientists discovered that oestrogen in female cells limits the growth of the virus. This effect was not discovered in males, which suggests that they are inconvenienced more by the flu.  


The same goes for Ebola, HIV and hepatitis

An earlier study already showed that oestrogen has antiviral properties in the case of Ebola, HIV and hepatitis viruses. That's why scientists also wanted to research this for the influenza virus.

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