How Nutrition Experts Determine Whether a Snack is Healthy

How Nutrition Experts Determine Whether a Snack is Healthy

You no longer have to wonder whether you should choose the piece of black chocolate, a handful of nuts or a bunch of grapes. With these tips, you can determine for yourself what snack is healthiest.  


And that's about more than just the number of calories or the amount of sugar.  


1. Does it sate you?

The key words are proteins and fibres. These will not only cause your energy level to rise, but also to make you feel full for longer. Ideally, you eat a snack with 10 grams of proteins and 6 to 10 grams of fibres.  


2. Is the food processed?

You should try snacks that are processed as little as possible, like nuts and seeds. These will be chock-full of nutritional value and healthy fats. That way, you will not only stay full for longer, but it is also healthy that they are not processed. "As soon as food is processed, the nutritional value drops", according to nutritional expert Jess Scott. "Vitamins and nutrients are very fragile. Therefore, you'd best eat unprocessed food, because all natural nutrients will still be present in it."  


3. Is it tasty?

A snack is about more than giving you a satisfied feeling by munching on raw veggies. "It's very important that you actually enjoy eating the snack", says Scott. If you pick snacks that are both tasty AND healthy, you don't have to use your self-discipline.  


And what about calories? According to Scott, it's okay to forget about them. "Calories are not THE way to determine whether something is healthy. You can eat 200 calories of chocolate, which does not contain healthy nutrients, or 200 calories of coconut. It is better to use your sense of hunger and the nutritional values."

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