Do You Work Out (Hard) Enough?

Do You Work Out (Hard) Enough?

Nothing can frustrate you more than going to the gym weekly and seeing zero results. Maybe you overestimate your own workout efforts or maybe you're just doing it wrong.  


These 9 signs tell you that it's time to change up your workout routine:  


Sign 1: You never feel stiff or sore after a workout

Your body becomes accustomed to your work out. This is because you keep using the same weights or you keep doing the same type of exercises. For the best results, however, it is important to change it up from time to time. So grab some heavier weights once a week, or start doing high-intensity training.  


Sign 2: You just can't seem to lose weight

Is your body shape changing? Because that's basically the most important part. If you notice that your clothes are becoming loose, then you know that you're doing the right thing. No matter what the scale tells you. However, if there's not any difference, then it's time to turn it up a notch. For example, keep an eating diary. That way you can see whether it's time to change up your eating pattern. You should also analyse your own training schedule. Are you just doing cardio? Then perhaps it's time to add some power exercises.  


Sign 3: You don't sweat

You're probably not giving it all you've got. Interval training might help you out. You should switch up periods of low intensity with a little shorter periods in which you give it all. Or work out with a heart rate sensor and try to get your heart rate up. You will see that you will start to sweat eventually. Are you fond of relaxing sports such as yoga? Then try to mix it up with a few push-ups to bring your heart rate up.  


Sign 4: The last repetition is heavy, but there's actually more where that came from

It's high time to start work with heavier weights. You should JUST not be able to do that last repetition. Are you not sure whether you can do it once more? Just try it. Really can't do it? Fine, then you've reached your limit and worked out well. Moreover, once you start working with heavier weights. you'll also burn up more calories and see results faster.  


Sign 5: You can still talk while working out

Unless you're taking it easy in order to recover, this means that your workout is not intensive enough. Use a heart rate sensor and check whether you are working out on the right level. If you're working out with weights, then don't stop until you notice that you can no longer lift them without trembling.  


Sign 6: You just can't seem to become more flexible

Are you still the only stiff board in your yoga class? Then you probably don't spend enough time on the mat. A yoga lesson now and then does not make you more flexible. It's better to go to your yoga class a few times a week. However, if you don't have enough time, it still helps to do a few exercises for 15 minutes in your own living room.  


Sign 7: You run a few times a week but just can't seem to become faster

You're probably always running at the same speed. That way, you will never become faster. Those who wish to speed things up, ought to try interval training. At least once a week, you should do intensive cardio training focused on speed, such as sprint intervals.  


Sign 8: You are making progress, but you are always stiff

You are well on your way when it comes to power training and cardio, but chances are that you don't take stretching very seriously. You should also do a few cardio and agility exercises, or take a pilates or yoga class once a week.  


Sign 9: You keep following the same lesson but you just can't seem to improve

This means that your posture is off. Positioning your knees wrongly, hunching your shoulders or making a hollow back: this can all affect the results. The posture is the most important part of the exercise, not the number of repetitions or the speed with which you exercise it. So work out in front of a mirror and be hard on yourself!

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