Which Vegetables and Fruits are Best Kept in the Fridge?

Which Vegetables and Fruits are Best Kept in the Fridge?

Should or shouldn't we keep apples, tomatoes and eggs in the fridge? To clarify this matter once and for all, the Food Center (a Dutch organization that gives advice on healthy nutrition) has launched a sticker, which shows recommendations regarding the twelve most popular products from the vegetables, fruits and dairy sections.  


Tomatoes, bell peppers, egg plants and cucumbers are best kept outside of the fridge. These vegetables are broken down by cold, causing their cells to break down at a temperature of less than four degrees Celcius. This causes them to lose flavour but also fluids, and they become more susceptible to rotting. This is also the case for avocados and bananas. Citric fruits are best kept in the dark, outside of the fridge, where they remain well for fourteen days on average. Bananas, apples, pears and peaches produce a gas (ethylene) that speeds up the ripening process of other fruits. If you wish to prevent this, you had best store these fruits separately from the other fruits.  


Apples can be kept outside of the fridge, but in the fridge they stay good for about three weeks. Eggs are also best kept in the fridge, because the cold slows down the development of bacteria. According to the Voedingscentrum, broccoli, lettuce, strawberries and grapes keep longer if you store them in the fridge.

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