Is it actually Possible to 'Catch Up on Sleep'?

Is it actually Possible to 'Catch Up on Sleep'?

Are you planning on sleeping early tonight to catch some sleep after an exhausting start of your week? Maybe you had better cancel that plan and watch a movie, for what good does it do you to 'catch up on sleep'?  


We all do it, especially in the weekends: staying in bed a little longer to catch up on sleep. But it's not such a good idea. "By staying in bed longer or going to bed earlier than usual, you mess with your biological clock", explains sleep expert Janet Kennedy. "Thus, you will not only feel slower, but it also causes more stress in your body."  


Regular sleep intervals  

In an ideal situation we sleep eight hours a night, but that's excluding happy hour and long work days. Thus, we are forced to use other tricks. Sadly, catching up on sleep later is not one of them.  


If you go to bed late on one day and early on the next, your sleeping pattern is very irregular. This causes you to need extra naps and caffeine in the daytime, which confuses your body. And so it's harder to fall asleep at night.  


Usual schedule

Fortunately, there is also good news. We don't have to charter extra time to sleep. Thanks to our biological clock, your body can recover without catching up on the sleep you missed out on entirely. Instead of sleeping in until the afternoon on Sunday, you had best keep to your week schedule. And yes, that means getting up around 9.  


"Continue your week schedule into your weekend, that's best for your body", Kennedy declares. "If you don't, your body keeps resetting, which is much more demanding."

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