Why Counting Calories is a Load of Baloney

Why Counting Calories is a Load of Baloney

Counting calories was once the basis of every dietary plan. However, nowadays experts emphasize that these mathematical calculations are nonsense. "Counting calories doesn't help you lose weight, nor does it prevent health problems."  


Counting calories is outdated, claims professor Marion Nestle, nutritional expert at the New York University. The reason is simple: "There is no correct way to do it." What the packaging claims is almost never correct.. "After all, they leave room for an error margin. So what you think you eat can differ widely from the number of calories you actually consume."  


Furthermore, the term 'calorie' has been misused so many times that no one knows what it means anymore. "We all think that the quantity of calories counts. The more we eat, the fatter we become. Nonsense, since not all calories are the same: in thinking this way, we completely ignore biochemistry and the fact that we don't metabolize everything the same way. Food is transformed into energy and fat in various ways."  


In other words: what we eat is equally important as how much we eat. "If your weight increases, this means that something has triggered your fat cells to store more energy. This is often insulin. If you subsequently eat less calories, you're only making it worse." The trick is to avoid foods that increase your insulin. "And that means eating more things like olive oil, nuts, avocado, chocolate... High-fibre foods are slowly digested and keep your blood sugar low. That's the way to get a healthy body."

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