Five Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Five Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease is an incurable disease, which is why scientists deem it so important to prevent it. Although you cannot always avoid dementia, biologists from the University of Cambridge claim a third of the Alzheimer's disease cases can be prevented.


At the moment, it's an illusion to think one can really avoid the disease. However, by making minor adjustments, you can considerably reduce the risk. You can protect yourself against Alzheimer's disease with a diet that is rich in olive oil, nuts, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables. A study that dates from 2010 of the University of New York showed this, and it was confirmed by a study from 2015.


The Canadian scientist Sudeep Gill therefore recommends to eat leafy vegetables (such as spinach, lettuce and cauliflower) every day. Furthermore, it is also healthy to eat a portion of vegetables every day and eat whole-grain products at least three times a day. You should also eat a lot of nuts and beans three times a week. Augment this with poultry two times a week and fish once a week. Berries are a healthy snack. And the best news is: you get to enjoy wine every once and a while (but no more than one glass a day). Use olive oil as your main fatty matter. Furthermore, it's important to limit your consumption of red meat, cheese, butter, candy and fried foods.


Postpone your retirement

The risk of Alzheimer-dementia is reduced by 3 per cent for every year that someone works after the age of 60. Someone who retires on his 65th instead of on his 60th, faces a 15 per cent decreased risk. The reduction is the same with people who keep working after 65. This was found out by neuro-epidemiologist Carol Dufouil of the French research institute Inserm in 2013.


Yonas Geda, a doctor of the Mayo Clinic in the American Rochester, discovered that brain training at a later age has a beneficial effect on the brain. Books and games are heartily recommended to seniors. Computer activities also have a protective effect against memory loss, a symptom of Alzheimer's disease, in people above 70. It is even claimed to reduce memory loss in regular computer users by over 50 per cent.


Walking and swimming


Getting more exercise not only prevents Alzheimer's disease, it also takes on obesity, stress AND diabetes. This way, you reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, and you become more healthy in old age. Researchers therefore recommend at least 150 minutes of intensive exercise every week. Ideally, you combine this with cardio- and power training. Good activities for the brain are walking and swimming. It is also important to train your coordination. The risk of head wounds due to falling considerably increases in old age, and this is also a factor that can lead to dementia. Therefore, yoga and tai chi are excellent ways to prevent Alzheimer's disease.


Meeting up with friends

People are naturally social. Seclusion isn't good for us and has a negative effect on the brain. The bigger our social network, the better our memory functions. Studies have even shown that contact with friends and family can help prevent dementia at a later age.

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