A Long Walk or Running Up a Flight of Stairs: What's Better?

A Long Walk or Running Up a Flight of Stairs: What's Better?

Planning in some exercise in your busy schedule is not always easy, but fortunately you don't have to exercise for too long. Just stretching your legs for a bit during the coffee break at work can already make quite a difference. But what has the biggest effect: running up and down a flight of stairs or taking a walk?


Of course every type of exercise is better than sitting in your chair, but if we have to choose, taking the stairs is the best option. "The effort it takes to climb a flight of stairs is greater than walking on more or less flat ground", says Martin Gibala, professor kinesiology of the University of Hamilton.


The trick is walking up the stairs slowly. According to a recent study, this takes double the amount of energy than walking at a normal pace. In other words: you burn double the amount of calories. Even walking down the stairs is better than walking on a flat surface.


Furthermore, taking the stairs is a better option for your cardiovascular fitness, because the intensity is greater. What's more, you also strengthen the muscles in your legs and back, and you work on your balance. So stairs are the key, but be careful!

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