Why You Should (almost) Never Google your Symptoms

Why You Should (almost) Never Google your Symptoms

We all do it from time to time: a minor cough or ailment and we flock to the internet to Google our symptoms. "Not always a good idea", according to physician Tom Jacobs.


We're all familiar with it: it starts with a simple scratch, and before you know it, the internet has convinced you that amputation is near at hand. We consulted physician Tom Jacobs and ask him whether it is wise to Google your symptoms.


"It rather depends", says Jacobs. "Sometimes it's not bad at all to inform yourself. Of course it becomes rather dramatic when you fail to look up objective information. Panic is a poor counsellor, and of course there is a lot of bad or incorrect information to be found. Furthermore, many websites are sponsored by manufacturers, which gives off an incorrect image. Take for instance nail fungus, which is purely an aesthetical problem. However, manufacturers try to make you believe that it is vital you take action."

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