Why Antibacterial Soap is Nonsense

Why Antibacterial Soap is Nonsense

Antibacterial soap: in these unhygienic times there is a large market for these. Unfortunately, it turns out that we literally buy packets of nonsense when we purchase them. Studies show that antibacterial soap is no better than ordinary soap.


Have you bought an antibacterial soap for in your kitchen? Then we are afraid to say that you've partially wasted your money. Ordinary soap turns out to have the same effect, as discovered by researchers of the Korea University. They tested 20 types of bacteria and combatted these with both antibacterial soap (with the ingredient triclosan) and regular soap.


It turned out that antibacterial soap (which is often more expensive) is no better than the regular kind. This is not to say that they weren't effective, but they needed about nine hours to start combatting the bacteria. Quite useless, therefore, if you only wash your hands for about a few seconds.

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