Afternoon Naps Lower Blood Pressure

Afternoon Naps Lower Blood Pressure

Afternoon naps make you more productive, more creative and more happy. Recently, the scientific world has become more and more enthusiastic about the effects of a daily afternoon nap. Greek researchers have expanded and improved the list of advantages: taking a half-hour nap in the afternoon might just save your life.  


A daily afternoon nap can lower your blood pressure and significantly reduce the risk of a heart-attack. This is shown by a study of the Greek Asklipieio Voula hospital. The study involved about 400 mature sleepers, who were all troubled by an increased blood pressure. In those who took an afternoon nap of half an hour, a five per cent decrease in blood pressure was perceived.  


The longer, the better  

The duration of the nap also influenced the results. Test subjects who shut their eyes for more than a half-hour in turn had a lower blood pressure than those who took only a short nap.  


"The study shows that patients in our hospital who sleep longer during the afternoon, take less medicine against high blood pressure", doctor Manolis Kallistratos explains. "Regrettably, our modern work ethics leaves little room for a nap in the afternoon. This is sad, for our health clearly benefits from it", claims the cardiac expert.  


Several historic figures have been convinced by the health benefits of afternoon naps. For instance, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, the two most influential prime-ministers of the UK, loved their afternoon nap. Between three and four in the afternoon, they were not to be disturbed under any circumstances.

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