Is Your Weight Healthy? Quick Test Lets You Know Without Weighing Scale

Is Your Weight Healthy? Quick Test Lets You Know Without Weighing Scale

To determine whether we are overweight or underweight, we have been using the Body Mass Index (BMI) for years now. However, this calculation method is not entirely accurate, because it does not take the body type into account. Would you like to know whether you are at risk of heart disease and diabetes? Try out this 30 second test.  


Let's recap for a minute: you can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight by your length (in meters) squared. If the sum of all this is somewhere between 19 and 25, the index rules that you are perfectly healthy. Everything above this spectrum is labelled as overweight, while everything under it is considered underweight.  


Although your BMI is a good indicator, it cannot tell you everything about your weight. For instance, a third of those who have an increased risk of obesity-related problems appear to have a 'normal' BMI. This is because the BMI method does not take into account the ratio between muscle, bone and fat tissue.  


This simple test, which will only take a minute, is based on the ratio between your length and the circumference of your belly. After all, the more fat you have on your waist, the more chance you have of getting cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes.  


Do the simple test:

  • Take a length of string or ribbon and cut off a length that is exactly the same as your height.
  • Fold the length of string in half
  • Now wrap it around your waist
  • Do the ends overlap? Then you're safe. Do they only barely touch or not at all? Then you probably have too much weight on your waist.

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