Are You Often Tired? This is Why

Are You Often Tired? This is Why

More and more people are troubled by a fatigue that they just can't seem to shake off. The yawn and sigh their way through the day. And that's a good sign that more may be amiss.  


Not so much your sleeping pattern as your breathing pattern, British scientists claim.  


3 signs that you're breathing wrong:

  • Sighing more than usual: a habit our body has when you unconsciously hold your breath. This can be caused by stress and can become a habit without your knowledge.
  • Yawning more: a sign that we breathe insufficiently. When we are relaxed, we breathe up to eight times more per minute. Someone who breathes too shallowly breathes up to 20 times per minute. This means we only take in small amounts of oxygen; less than when we breathe deeply and still too little.
  • Grinding your teeth at night: stress and shallow breathing are often the cause. Even experiencing pain in your neck, shoulders and back may mean that you breathe wrongly.  

The two major reasons for unhealthy breathing: 

  • Breathing through the mouth: people who are anxious and who have a busy schedule often open their mouths to breathe. This doesn't only lead to them having a dry mouth, but they also tire a great deal quicker.
  • Holding your breath: holding one's breath is a common problem among people who experience a lot of stress in their lives, those who are very passionate about their work. They are often very fit, but also anxious by nature. This subjects the natural way of breathing to stress.  

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