Why We Should All Practice 'Tongue Scraping'

Why We Should All Practice 'Tongue Scraping'

There is a new hype in Beautyland: an excellent way to raise your oral hygiene to a new level.


Tongue scrapers have been around for years, and you can just buy them for a couple of euro in the drug store. They usually have a triangular shape or an oval shape, and they keep our mouths free from bacteria. Basically, the tongue scraper means to the tongue what the tooth brush means to our teeth.  


What do the experts says?  

Dentist Kim Shamoun positively confirms the importance of tongue scraping: "I myself can't do without tongue scraping; it's part of my daily routine. I emphasize the importance of it to my patients, friends and family. If I could take one thing with me to a deserted island, it would be a tongue scraper."  


Why should you do it?  

Admittedly, it doesn't really sound attractive, this tongue scraping. But it definitely offers a number of benefits. Like for instance: being rid of morning breath, since tongue scraping is one of the most effective solutions to bad breath. We brush our teeth, we (sometimes) floss, but our tongues? We usually forget about it during our routines. And it turns out that that rugged texture of our tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you start using a tongue scraper, you remove these bacteria, which cause bad breath, together with all sorts of debris.  


So what about a tooth brush?  

Perhaps you clean your tongue, but you do it with your tooth brush? You're already halfway there, but it's still better to switch over to a tongue scraper. After all, a tooth brush doesn't have the reach of a tongue scraper, and it is less effective for removing microorganisms. Your teeth need the soft and flexible surface of the tooth brush, but your tongue requires a more rigid surface.  


Other benefits  

  • Taste: our tongue is covered with taste buds, but when they're covered with all sorts of dirt, odds are that you won't be able to fully appreciate the flavour of that lovely lasagne.
  • Digestion: reduced taste also leads to a reduced digestion, because our digestive tract starts in the mouth. After all, our saliva is full of enzymes that break down the food we eat. The cleaner your mouth is, the more you're able to taste the food and the better your digestion functions.
  • Plaque: the dirtier your tongue gets, the more plaque will form on your teeth. And this will not only lead to bad breath, but also to tooth decay!
  • General health: according to many researches, bad oral hygiene is linked to a number of other diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even infertility. All of a sudden, one minute of tongue scraping a day doesn't sound that bad, right?

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