So What's More Healthy? Skipping Breakfast or Devouring a Donut?

So What's More Healthy? Skipping Breakfast or Devouring a Donut?

We all know by now that a healthy breakfast is essential for a good start of the day. But we also know that not nearly everyone has enough time in the morning to make such a breakfast...


And then we are too easily seduced by all those donuts and chocolate sandwiches during the meeting or in the stalls in the train station. But then what is healthier? Not eating breakfast at all, or wolfing down such a calorie-rich bite?


Skipping breakfast and thus avoiding the calories and sugars in that donut, should be the best option, right? Not so fast.


Need fuel?

"If we skip breakfast, we're not doing our body a favour at all," explains Maya Bach, who is a dietician. "Your body has already been fasting all night, after which the body needs 'fuel' in the morning so that your metabolism can start up properly again. Without that fuel, our bodies cannot function properly."


Expert Lindsay Joe fully agrees. "Anything is better than not eating at all," she says. "Our bodies are best compared to cars. If there is no fuel, even the simplest tasks are an exhausting chore for our body."


A donut or nothing at all?

But that's not all, for various studies have shown that consistently having breakfast reduces the risk of obesity. Furthermore, The National Weight Control Registry discovered that no less than 78 per cent of the people who lost some weight and who could easily maintain their new weight, broke their fast every day.


"Although a donut is obviously not the best kind of fuel, it does help your metabolism start up and your body and brain will function better because of it," Bach explains. "If you eat nothing at all, there's a considerable chance that you will feel weak and slow and that you will spend your entire morning without energy."

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