French wines, full of poison

French wines, full of poison

French wines have been contaminated with agricultural poison on a large scale. On average, four types of poison can be traced in every bottle. These poisons include carcinogenic substances.


This was shown by a study of the French consumer protection organization Que Choisir. The organization made a representative selection of 92 affordable bottles of wine - red, white and rose - from all famous wine regions, including Bordeaux and Bourgogne. These wines were then examined in a laboratory and were checked for the presence of pesticides.


The results showed that all 92 bottles contained pesticides. Even two illegal substances were found, these being the poisonous bromopropylate and the pesticide carbendazim. One Bordeaux wine (Mouton Cadet) was shown to contain no less than 14 types of agricultural poison.


"These are shocking conclusions", says Florence Humbert, spokesman of Que Choisir. "Because it turns out that there was not one bottle that did not contain any traces of pesticides. Normally, these traces disappear during the vinification process. This means that such a great amount of pesticide is used, that it can still be traced after the vinification."


No rules, zero control

The French consumer protection organization is very worried, because regulations completely absent. Unlike many foods and beverages, wines do not have a legal maximum pesticide content. "But countries like the US, Canada and Japan have had such regulations for a very long time", according to the 'critical' winegrower Alain Dourthe, "But Europe has been 'examining' it for years, since the wine industry resists the passing of these laws."

Source: De Standaard 25/06 via License2Publish

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