Edible Sunscreen: this Food will Protect Your Skin

Edible Sunscreen: this Food will Protect Your Skin

Are you one of those people who gets horribly sunburnt, despite covering yourself in sunscreen? Or is your skin never sufficiently protected?


Then try one of these foods, to give your skin an extra line of protection against harmful UV rays.



Another excuse to drink that fifth cup of coffe without regrets. A study of the national American cancer institute discovered that people who drink four or more cups of coffee a day, face 20% less risk of developing malevolent melanomes than those who never drink it. The key is in the cafein (because decaf-drinkers were also not protected) and certain polyfenoles that suppress the development of cancer cells.



It is has always been a mystery: even though Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Italy get so much sunlight, the prevalence of melanomes is far lower there than in other European countries, the United States and Australia. Their secret? The Mediterranean kitchen, which is rich in fish and omega 3 fatty acids. According to researcher Suzanne M Pilkington, fish oil stimulates our immune system, which would otherwise be more easily damaged by UV rays, allowing cancer cells to develop. Even though more research is required to support that theory, eating more fish is never a bad idea.


Leafy vegetables

The same study by Suzanne M Pilkington also revealed a connection between eating leafy vegetables and a lower risk of skin cancer. Especially dark leafy vegetables (such as spinach, cabbage and chicory) had a positive effect, since these are chock-full of cartenoids, which act as antioxidants and attack the free radicals that damage the nerve cells.



Food with a red or pink colour, such as apricots, watermelon and -especially- tomato, are saturated with the antioxidant lycopene, which is reportedly linked to a lowered risk of a number of various cancers. Moreover, a small but very interesting study led by researcher M. Rizwan revealed that people who included tomato sauce in their diet burnt far less easily than those who ate little to no tomato sauce. At the same time, the risk of melanomes doubles when you have sunburned for more than five times. So now you have the perfect excuse for that pasta bolognese!


Lemon zest

A zest of lemon in your salad or pasta sauce does not only improve the taste of your food, it also protects your skin. A study by Iman A. Hakim shows that eating the lemon peel dramatically reduces the risk of skin cancer. This is caused by a substance we call lemonene. Lemonene can be found in the oil of the peel and suppresses the development of cancer.

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