App Recognizes Skin Cancer Almost as Well as a Doctor

App Recognizes Skin Cancer Almost as Well as a Doctor

A special app made for smartphones turns out to be very capable of tracking down skin cancer. The Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven reported today that according to their own research the results of the software come very close to "the average eye of a dermatologist".


Users of the app 'SkinVision' can make pictures of birthmarks or other strange spots on their skin. The application analyzes those spots and gives an orange or red warning if there appears to be a case of skin cancer. If this is the case, the photo can be shared with a doctor quickly. Furthermore, all pictures can be saved, so that changes of the birthmarks can be noticed more easily.


Research from the Eindhoven hospital shows that the app recognizes skin cancer in 80 per cent of the probable cases and in 95% of the cases with a "large probability". The app can be downloaded in the Appstore and in Google Play.

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