Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes First

Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes First

When we have shopped some new gear, we are always eager to put it on immediately. Not a smart move, as it turns out: new clothing is full of harmful chemicals and waste, that is best washed out before you put it on.


So shopping for a dress that you put on that very night is a no-go, unless you have time to wash and dry it before you go out. The chemicals that the manufacturers put in clothes so that they don't crease in stores, can cause skin irritation and rashes, according to dermatologists.


Exceeds the safety limit

According to the law, the use of chemicals in clothing does not have to be indicated on the label. But testing in New-Zealand showed that clothing that was made in China exceeds the safety limit of those chemicals more than 900 times. The most harmful of these is formaldehyde, a colourless gas that is added to prevent fungus and creases from form in the clothing. The chemical not only irritates the skin, but can also cause cancer, according to scientists. Certain colouring agents can also cause skin irritation when you wear the clothing for the first time.


Wash it before you wear it

The solution is a simple one: wash your new clothing once before you use it. Are you very sensitive to these colouring agents and do you quickly get allergic reactions, then washing two times and rinsing afterwards may even be recommended.


Still not convinced and stubborn enough to put on your new dress straight away? Maybe this argument can change your mind. Clothes from the store can also contain pests such as scurvy or lice, from previous wearers in the store who tried them out. These types of pests need a human victim to survive, but are easily spread through clothing. As soon as you stop to think about this, maybe it's not that much of a hassle after all to wash your new clothes with a laundromat first...

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