Start Working Out Today with these Tips

Start Working Out Today with these Tips

Have you been saying for months already (maybe even years) that you're going to work out? Jogging for instance, or swimming? Why not start today? Get in your sweatpants and sweep your doubts aside.


With these five tips, which famous athlete Catherine Lallemand gave to Belgian newspaper De Standaard, you'll become a habitual athlete in no time.


1. Go see a doctor

Do you have a habit of eating irregularly or unhealthily? It might pay off to go see a doctor. An iron deficiency or a vitamin deficiency will not help your first attempts at exercise, nor is it a bad idea to check the cholesterol content of your cardiovascular system. Any previous injuries should also be checked by a doctor.


2. Make sure you have the right materials

For most sports you don't need a lot of stuff, but make sure it has the right quality. A decent pair of running shoes is worth the money. Lallemand says it's even a necessity, if you wish to avoid injuries. Moreover, tailor-made running gear makes exercising way more pleasant, such as seamless pants and breathable shirts and sweaters.


3. Let yourself be coached

You don't have to get a personal fitness coach for all your work outs - even though that's not a bad idea if your budget allows it -, but try to find a different type of supervisor. One session to help you on your way, or to make a full training schedule, everything is possible.


4. Find a buddy

Running by yourself, with some music on, is doable, but it's often way more fun to work out together with someone else. It also motivates you not to give up, since that would mean disappointing someone. Lallemand says that colleagues are an ideal option, since it improves the working atmosphere and reduces stress in the workplace.


5. Set an objective

Just working out without a clear target, is harder to maintain. But when you're doing it to lose weight, to live healthier, to quit smoking or to get away from stress, then that serves to give you extra motivation. Track your progress and you will be amazed how fast you can go.

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