Eating Lunch at Your Desk is Bad for Your Heart

Eating Lunch at Your Desk is Bad for Your Heart

Sitting down too long is bad for your health: it increases the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart problems. Unfortunately, paying a visit to the gym cannot undo this.


A study by the Canadian University Health Network discovered that sitting down too long is bad for your health, but sadly a lot of people have job which requires them to sit. The British Heart Foundation and 'Get Britain Standing' worked together and researched the 'sitting behaviour' of the British. 38% admitted that they regularly send an email to someone who's sitting nearby and 52% regularly eats at his desk.


The poll, for which 2,000 people were interviewed, showed that 45% of the women and 37% of the men stand up 30 minutes or less. 62% is worried that their sitting behaviour might negatively affect their health.


It's a good practice to take a long afternoon break and regularly stretch your legs during your day at work.

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