Cracking Joints: is it Healthy?

Cracking Joints: is it Healthy?

Cracking finger joints is pretty addictive to some. But is it healthy? And what's the cause of that cracking noise? This video tells you what's what.


The video explains that there is a gel-like fluid between our joints which has the fitting name 'synovial fluid'. This fluid releases a gas when you stretch your fingers. This gas in turn forms air bubbles, which pop and make the cracking sound which gives many people the goose bumps.


The video also tells you whether cracking your knuckles is dangerous. The results of two different studies are used f or this purpose. The first study won researcher Donald Unger the Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009. He cracked the joints in his left hand for 60 years, but left those in is right hand in peace. His research showed that cracking the finger joints does not lead to arthritis.


Another study dating from 1990 shows that cracking your knuckles can lead to a less firm grip, and that it can make your hand swell up a bit, but it is in no case really dangerous.

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