Which Fruits Contain the Highest Amounts of Sugar? The TOP 3

Which Fruits Contain the Highest Amounts of Sugar? The TOP 3

Of all the fruit you eat, which do you think contains the highest amount of sugars? Strawberries, a water melon? Well, it turns out that these two examples are the least sugary fruits, according to Calorie Count; together with papaya’s, pomegranates and melons.


So what fruit contains the most sugars and calories? We present to you the top three.


1. Figs

If you take a bit of a nice fresh fig, you will immediately agree that there are not many fruits as sweet as a fig. That's because figs are full of sugars (13,8 grams) and are little calorie bombs (62kcal)


2. Grapes

Grapes also contain a lot of sugar, even the same amount as figs per 85 grams (13,8 grams). However, they contain a bit less calories (57). 


3. Mango's

The mango is also at the top of the list with figs and grapes. A juicy mango contains 12,7 grams of sugar per 85 grams and 60 calories. It is important to know that our body needs sugars and fats to survive.


Sugars in fruit are much healthier than processed sugars, but fruit can also make you 'fat' if you eat too much of it.

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