Killer Food: 480 Bananas and You're Dead

Killer Food: 480 Bananas and You're Dead

The dose makes the poison, and research has proved it. Even a healthy banana or a cup of coffee can kill you if you take too much. If you value your life: don't exceed the prescribed amounts of these five products.


480 bananas

Leaving out the practical aspects of stuffing 480 bananas in your stomach: bananas contain potassium, a mineral that regulates our blood circulation and which plays an important role in the functioning of our nervous system and our muscles. 480 bananas provide 600 grams of potassium, a very lethal amount. We know this because potassium chloride is the element in lethal injections which causes the heart to stop beating. So excesses are harmful, without a doubt.


179 cups of coffee

High doses of caffeine lead to caffeine poisoning, which amplifies the negative aspects of drinking coffee: restlessness, insomnia, an upset stomach and a way too high heartbeat. Take those symptoms and multiply them by three, and the caffeine overstimulates the nervous system so much that you will have a seizure. 11 grams of caffeine is the average lethal dose for an adult. Caffeine poisoning is very rare, and will absolutely not happen just by drinking coffee. But caffeine pills and energy drinks increase the risk.


47 coffee spoons of salt

All survival handbooks tell us: never drink seawater. Our body cannot process the high doses of salt. Too much salt drains the water from our cells, causing them to shrink. Symptoms such as absence of mind, not being able to think clearly and feeling sluggish, indicate an excess of salt. Way too much salt - the equivalent of 47 coffee spoons - leads to a heart attack or a coma.


8 litres of water

Drinking a lot of water is health, and 1,5 to 2 litres of water a day is a good guideline. But too much water in our body has the opposite effect on our body as an excess of salt. Water poisoning causes our cells to take in too much water and swell up like balloons. Brain cells that are tightly packed and that expand can lead to fatal brain damage. Too much water in other cells leads to a heart attack or a coma. If you feel like you've drank too much water, it's a good idea to eat something salty.


24 tubes of tooth paste

"Warning: keep out of reach of children." There's a reason why our tooth paste tubes say this. In small amounts, fluoride protects teeth from caries, but in high doses, it's poisonous. Luckily there's no reason to panic if your child licks the pink tube of his strawberry tooth paste: not until you consume 24 tubes of tooth paste do you get fluoride poisoning. And if you're liable to such the tooth paste out of that many tubes, you've probably got other things to worry about than just poisoning.

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