Daily Portion of Olive Oil Protects You Against Heart Disease

Daily Portion of Olive Oil Protects You Against Heart Disease

Daily portion of olive oil protects you against heart disease New scientific studies of the University of Glasgow have shown that a daily portion of olive oil can considerably improve the heart quality. Only four tea spoons per day improved the signals for heart disease within only six weeks.


The University of Glasgow researched the effect of olive oil on the heart together with the University of Lisbon. Their test subjects were 69 adult men and women, who didn't use olive oil in their daily eating habit up until the test. They split them in two groups. Both groups had to consume a daily amount of twenty millilitres of olive oil over a period of six weeks, but one group received a type of oil that was low in phenolic derivates, while the other group got a type that was rich in  phenolic derivates.


Phenolic derivates are natural compounds which can be found in plants and olives and which possibly explain olives' beneficial effect on health. Therefore, the researchers studied the urine samples of the adults and checked whether certain molecules could be found which in the past had been indicators of heart diseases among others.


The study showed that for both groups, these signals improved after taking the olive oil. After six weeks, their scores improved from 1 to -1, whereby '1' means 'unhealthy arteries' and '-1' for 'healthy arteries'. Although there was a difference in score, the effect was noticeable for both groups.


"Using urine analysis techniques, we can see whether there are signs which indicate a disease, even before there are any symptoms", Dr. Emilie Combet of the Glasgow University. "Now is the first time that this technique is used to see whether a certain diet has a beneficiary effect on our health. The study shows that the consumption of olive oil improves these signals and thus reduces the risk of heart disease. That way, we can treat the disease before it becomes problematic, just by proper diet."

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