Are Men Healthier Without Underpants?

Are Men Healthier Without Underpants?

 What type of underpants a man wears, has a great effect on his health. Tight briefs, loose boxer shorts or fully naked? It's not just a matter of style, several British professors state.  


Their study shows that the fabric of the underpants has a significant influence on the health of a man. Polyester is the worst. Fabrics that don't absorb well, such as silk, lycra and nylon, make a man sweat more, which can lead to fungal infections, eczema and other skin infections. "We advise men to always choose underpants that are made from absorbing fabrics, such as cotton", dermatologist Allan Friedman states.  


This type of underpants also influences the amount of pain a man experiences. More loose boxers loosen pressure on the testicles, but tighter underpants restrict movement so that the testicles don't take that much strain. What is best? Loose or tight? According to professor Allan Pacey, underpants cannot be too loose. "When testicles collide with one another, that can hurt." Too tight is also not healthy. "If it's packed up too tight, everything is squished, which is also unhealthy", urologist Zaki Almallah says.  


The type of underpants has an effect especially on fertility. "Men who wear tighter underpants have a lower concentration of sperm compared to men who wear more loose boxer shorts. A more loose boxer short is a cheap way to be and stay fertile", professor Cristopher Eden states.  


So maybe men shouldn't wear underpants at all? "Not wearing underpants reduces the chance of skin infections and increases fertility. Scottish men who 'go commando', score very well in the field of testicular health. However, men also need support and direct contact with pants, especially jeans, can be painful. Therefore, most men choose to wear underwear", Eden says.  


Finally, Eden has some important advice. "If you don't want to leave underpants behind at daytime, you'd best leave your underpants and pants off at night. Sleeping naked ensures that the pubic area can breathe and stays cool, which has a positive effect on fertility."

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