11 Reasons to Start Strength Training Immediately

11 Reasons to Start Strength Training Immediately

Does power lifting give you the physique of a bodybuilder on steroids? That myth has been busted. Although it is important for your health and weight to do cardio training, strength training can prevent disease, improve your mood and help you lose weight.  


1. Longevity

Most types of exercise can increase your longevity, but strength training in particular has a lot of advantages. If you age, more muscular mass will help you live longer. So don't worry about your weight or BMI, put try to maintain your muscular mass.  


2. Sleep improvement

People who exercise regularly, sleep better. A study has shown that resistance training stimulates the body to sleep longer. Power lifting participants of a sleep research woke up less often than the passive exercisers of the control group.  


3. Noticeable improvement

Nothing is so satisfying as achieving a goal. Lifting a weight which you never thought you could lift, boosts your mood.  


4. To protect your bones

Strength training is beneficial to the quality of your bones and limits the risk of fractures for seniors.  


5. Better balance

An important cause of fractures are falls. Lifting weight can improve your sense of balance. Studies suggest that resistance training decreases the chance of falls for seniors by approximately 30 per cent.  


6. Happier life

Just like many other types of exercise, power lifting can do miracles for your mental wellbeing. Strength training is linked to a decrease in anxiety disorders and depressions, and to improving the self-image.  


7. Burning more calories

People who have more muscles, burn more calories, even when they sit completely still.  


8. Short time

Strength training doesn't have to take a long time. You can easily cram it into your busy schedule. 30 to 60 minutes can already be enough to get results.  


9. At home

We use the words 'weight lifting', but there are many other options than weights in strength training. You can use your own body weight or even bottles of water as weights. For a beginner, it is even safer to use your own body weight.  


10. Going faster

Weight lifting improves your ability to do other sports. It does not only stimulate you to jog faster, but it also improves your swimming and biking skills. This is because your muscles become stronger and more powerful. It is, however, important to train functionally.  



11. A healthy heart

Cardio training is not the only form of exercise which is beneficial to your heart. Regular resistance training lowers your blood pressure and can prove just as efficient as medication.

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