Yoga is Just as Good for Your Heart as Jogging

Yoga is Just as Good for Your Heart as Jogging

Yoga can decrease the risk of heart disease to the same extent as biking or jogging. This is shown by a new study published in the 'European Journal of Preventive Cardiology'.


The study is a meta-analysis of 37 existing control tests in which 2768 people participated to find an answer to the question whether yoga can have a positive effect on the health of the heart. All studies except two showed that those who practice yoga gain a considerable advantage.  


According to the researches the practicing of yoga can significantly decrease the risk of heart attack or disease and it would even be as efficient as biking or jogging. "This old Indian practice ensures that people don't develop cardiovascular disease as easily, and it should therefore be promoted", experts say.  


"The results are mainly positive for those who cannot perform more heavy physical activitie, such as senior or people with muscle- and joint problems. By doing yoga, they can also decrease the risk of heart diseases", states Professor Myriam Hunink, who led the research.  


The study also showed the those who never practiced yoga have a significantly higher BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure and cholesterol than those who did. "By working with the muscles and breathing properly, more oxygen enters the body, which leads to a lower blood pressure. It also has a positive effect on weight and cholesterol, which are risk factors for heart diseases", states Maureen Talbot of the 'British Heart Foundation'.  


On, we give you an introduction into what Yoga is exactly, and we also show you how to make a Sun Salutation or how you can perform various warrior poses.  

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