10 Most Clicked Headlines of 2014

10 Most Clicked Headlines of 2014

Inspiring, sexy, controversial, educational... and healthy. That's right, it are the 10 best read articles of 2014!   


The time for making 'lists' has come again... Our editorial team composed a TOP 10 of the best read articles of the year. Traditionally, a lot of 'sensational' items appear in the list. But in 2014 more than ever, eventplanner.tv has brought you honest information on a healthy lifestyle. But of course, you already know that.  


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1. Living healthy: finally, honest information and inspiration!


2. Journalist shows Coca-Cola boss how much sugar is in a Coke


3. One Cigarette Takes 14 Minutes of Your Life


4. Write for healthlab.tv


5. 'Farting is good for your health'


6. 7 or 8 Hours? Determine your Optimal Sleep Duration


7. Grocery Store Wars - The Organic Rebellion


8. 15 Things You Beed to Give Up in Order to Be Happy


9. The Secrets of Food Marketing


10. European Commission Fights against Fake Bioproducts




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