Drinking From a Can is Bad for Your Blood Pressure

Drinking From a Can is Bad for Your Blood Pressure

Drinking from a can is bad for your blood pressure Drinking or eating from a can may seriously increase your blood pressure. This is suggested by a new study from the Seoul National University in South Korea.


The interior of cans often contains the chemical bisphenol A, abbreviated as BPA. The chemical is also present in plastic and other applications that we use in our daily lives. Although the use of BPA is hard to avoid, research has indicated several times that it can have negative effects on our health. The substance is supposed to be detrimental to reproductive hormones like estrogen and can increase the risk of asthma and obesity.


In a new study, published in the American scientific journal 'Hypertension', Korean researchers discovered that drinking from a can may lead to a disturbingly high blood pressure. The scientists studied a group of sixty seniors who drank the same beverages at different intervals, once from a can and again but this time from a glass bottle.


The study showed that the BPA-level in the urine of the subjects was lowest after drinking from the two glass bottles, and highest after drinking the milk from two cans. To main author Yun-Chul Hong, it is clear that there's a correlation between exposure to BPA and the increase of blood pressure and that exposure to BPA can increase the risk of heart disease. "Especially cardiac patients should be concerned about the possible increase in blood pressure when they drink or eat food from a can", Hong concludes.

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